Abi's Confession - The Thin Rattan Cane
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Schoolgirl Abi receives a serious caningSchoolgirl Abi dreads her upcoming caning. Her embarrassment and shame compound the punishmentSchoolgirl Abi's butt turns quite red from the serious caning
Video Duration 12:50
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Title“Abi's Confession - The Thin Rattan Cane”
Part #Standalone clip; not part of larger film.
FeaturingAbi & Headmaster Tom
Mediumvideo (Windows Media format)
Length12 min:50 sec
StudioGirls Boarding School [?]
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Abi has caused mischief to her neighbor in her boarding school. As a punishment, Headmaster Tom makes her stand in a corner, completely naked.

Then he makes her bend over, and canes her hard and long, until her butt is quite red!

As a final humiliation, he leaves her standing in a corners, with her hands on top of her head, still naked.
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User comments

(NEWEST COMMENT) For 2 of the users below; If you join GBS you will find that Headmaster Tom did in fact cane Abi to tears. Lovely girl she will be "sorely" missed.

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I wish somebody had made Abi really cry hard during an all nude ass whupping before she retired. Too late now????????????
Abi has a most beautiful l bottom seems a pity to mark it, but, cane makes a lovely sound when it hits her bare bum. Would be better if there were more tears though
I thank for this brilliant movie. I gave it a 10, because it is one of your bests. Nice opening scene with Abi fully bare in the corner, while she is scolded with firmness. The full nudity is so important, because it gives way to see other emotinal reactions from a girl, and especially with the thin cane it tells about how vulnerable Abi is. And the way she walks to the corner after the last and very fine and strict strokes shows a little of that defiance and anger, that a nude caning can make a girl have. Even it is a wonderful and fine scene, I miss a little, that the headmaster would use this position to talk to Abi about her position, to tell her to arch her back all the time to keep her bottom up and out in the best position for the cane. But thanks for this - Abi has a beautiful body - and this video shows it and also, that she has a real girlish attitude in her mimics !
Definitely one of the best featuring Abi as we get to see her stark naked. We get to look at her tiny tits and exposed pussy prior to watcher her get her naked butt whipped raw. I wish *all* the models were done this way! I gave this #10 rating because they don't have 11!
I just love Abbi's tiny little tits and her willingness to show us her bare pussy lips. Can we have some close ups of both in Abbi's next session?
my sweet abi i want you to spank me and give me falaka ( spank my feet till swolen)

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EROTIC ELEMENTS in this video
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Butt turning red
Clothing : Completely naked
Positions : Bent Over
Submissive Attitude - Obedient / Meek
Erotic attributes of the participants
Abi :   (gallery)
Barely Legal Girls
Breast Size (1) : Small
Character : Schoolgirl
Hair color : Dirty Blonde
Hair length (4) : Long (below shoulders)
Hair type : straight
Personality : Totally Amateur
Pubic hair : Trim
Skin tone : Fair
Slender / Fit
Tattoos (A) : None
White Girls
Headmaster Tom :
Character : Schoolmaster
White Girls
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