Shy Asian Schoolgirl's First Enemas! Water & Orange-Juice!
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of “Schoolgirl's Anal Surprises: Punishment and Enemas Can Be Pleasure!”
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Ivy takes her orange juice enema, straight from a squeeze bottle, while swung OTKIvy finally gets to expel her enema on the toilet -- and gets a little masturbation treat...
Video Duration 11:11
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Title“Shy Asian Schoolgirl's First Enemas! Water & Orange-Juice!”
Part #12345
of “Schoolgirl's Anal Surprises: Punishment and Enemas Can Be Pleasure!”
FeaturingIvy & Andre Chance
Mediumvideo (Windows Media format)
Length11 min:11 sec
StudioA Wizard of Ass - MyFirstKinkySex [?]
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Description (of Part 4):

Shy Schoolgirl’s Ivy introduction to kinky play shifts into higher gear!

In this "part 4" of her initiation, she gets an enema straight from a water bottle, while lying across the Headmaster’s lap.
As if that weren’t kinky enough for a shy newbie like her, she gets subjected to a second enema, this time an orange-juice one! Like the one before, this is also delivered from a squeeze bottle, in an OTK position.

At last, Ivy gets to expel her enemas on the toilet. To her additional embarrassment, not only she has to expel it in full view, but also gets masturbated by Headmaster, while she’s still on the toilet!
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Size144 MB
Bitrate1700 kbps
Pixel dimension648 x 480
Item ID1224
User comments
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(NEWEST COMMENT) I defintely love Ivy for her talent to drive us toward an ambiguous world of dream and fantasy, where the most kinky desire keeps an aspect of ingenuity. André a de la chance!
Ivy, your butthole is the world's center, as butthole of any wonderful girl. But your butthole is special, as sun and planets
that dildo-on-a-drill is real BADASS! especially in tight bondage
this girl surely takes her enemas very well! even the large ones
i just joined this site, and i must say that you do a more authentic Barely Legal than i've seen anywhere :)
OH MY .....spanking. whipping, bating, blindfolded.....just as advertised.....cannot wait for the updates....GREAT new addition to your sites...this lady is BEAUTIFUL!!!...what a great film
amateur models, like this girl, are the best!!

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The Larger Context

This clip is Part 4 of the feature film “Schoolgirl's Anal Surprises: Punishment and Enemas Can Be Pleasure!” (n. 045), from our membership site Go to feature film on that site; opens in separate window or tab
Here is the description of the entire feature film:

Ivy is a schoolgirl who is driven by a curiosity that overcomes her intense shyness. She goes to see the Headmaster of the reform school where some of her classmates (Missy and Gypsy) recently got punished. She is burning with curiosity to find out what exactly happened to them – and why they said they got a little turned on during their punishment...

Ivy gets coaxed into stepping into a world where punishment and pleasure intermingle, and she learns about spanking, enemas (including orange-juice enemas!), hogtie bondage, suppositories, sybians, “drilldos”, caning and a lot more!

Some things she doesn't like, such as spanking; others she does surprisingly well with, including enemas

EROTIC ELEMENTS in this video
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Clothing : Completely naked
Enema (all types)
Enema - Squeeze bulb or Bottle
Enema Expulsion - On Toilet
Experimenting with Enemas
First Enema Experience
Food Play (cover or penetration)
Masturbate others
Non-water Enemas
OTK (across the lap)
Pleasure Enemas
Erotic attributes of the participants
Ivy :   (gallery)
Barely Legal Girls
Character : Schoolgirl
Hair color : Black
Hair style : pigtails
Hair type : straight
Personality : Totally Amateur
Pubic hair : Full Triangle
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