Colonic-Tube Enema & Anal Speculum for Adventurous Coy Schoolgirl
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of “Advanced Enemas, BJ and fucking machine for Asian Schoolgirl Ivy”
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For her 2nd enema, Schoolgirl Ivy takes the FULL length of a 30-inch (76 cm) colonic tube up her ass
Video Duration 24:26
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Title“Colonic-Tube Enema & Anal Speculum for Adventurous Coy Schoolgirl”
Part #1234
of “Advanced Enemas, BJ and fucking machine for Asian Schoolgirl Ivy”
FeaturingIvy & Andre Chance
Mediumvideo (Windows Media format)
Length24 min:26 sec
StudioA Wizard of Ass - EnemaWizardVideo [?]
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Description (of Part 3):

Ivy is an unusual schoolgirl who overcame a huge initial shyness, and discovered that she just LOVES to explore new erotic experiences.

In this “part 3” of her latest kinky adventures, her Master lubes her up to perfection with a full stick of butter up the ass!

He takes her rectal temperature, and he gives he an enema with an extra-long colonic tube (30" = 76 cm), FULLY inserted!

Ivy expels the enema into a bucket – at times through a metal anal speculum, while the colonic tube is still inserted “to the hilt” up her thirsty ass.
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Size316 MB
Bitrate1700 kbps
Pixel dimension648 x 480
Item ID1261
User comments
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(NEWEST COMMENT) I was captivated... Ivy has a natural beauty. She accepts this frightening, unusual and a little bit perverse treatment with simplicity. This gives the zest of the film. Bravo! leisureman
Ivy is a very erotic and sensual girl and her Master is great too! I love both....
she is "superbe"!..
that colonic tube is endleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeess! i was pleasantly astonished that she took it all up her ass!
WOW, that's perhaps the most sexy position ever, for a girl to receive an enema from someone, just lying back on top of him like that!!
yes, fucked at both ends! a cock pounding her mouth and a machine pounding her pussy............

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The Larger Context

This clip is Part 3 of the feature film “Advanced Enemas, BJ and fucking machine for Asian Schoolgirl Ivy” (n. 070), from our membership site Go to feature film on that site; opens in separate window or tab
Here is the description of the entire feature film:

Ivy is an unusual schoolgirl who just LOVES enemas. Her Master agrees to give her the ultimate enema experience -- but first she must give him a blow job, while being simultaneously fucked by a large machine!

After a first enema, which she expels on the toilet, the “advanced” work begins… Ivy first gets lubed up with a stick of butter up her ass, and also gets her rectal temperature taken. Afterwards, she receives a very long, 30-inch (76 cm), colonic tube ENTIRELY up her ass, and then gets her ass double-stuffed with a metal anal speculum: with this setup, she can soak up more water -- flowing deep inside her -- while at the same time she expels into a bucket.

If that were not enough, she gets one more enema with a double-balloon inflatable nozzle, and gets spanked mid-enema until her butt is quite red! Finally, she expels into a bucket and, while still squatting on it, she again has to suck her Master’s cock.

EROTIC ELEMENTS in this video
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Bizarre Ass Penetrations - Food
Clothing : Completely naked
Colonic tubes (catheters) for enemas
Enema Expulsion - Into Buckets
Enema Expulsion - Thru Speculum
Enema Expulsion in Full View
Masturbate oneself
Pleasure Enemas
Positions : Lying down on one's back
Rectal Thermometers
Speculum - Anal
Speculum - Metal
Thermometer - Glass
Erotic attributes of the participants
Ivy :   (gallery)
Barely Legal Girls
Character : Schoolgirl
Hair color : Black
Hair length (4) : Long (below shoulders)
Hair style : little braids
Hair type : straight
Personality : Totally Amateur
Pubic hair : Trim
Slender / Fit
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