The Tattoo
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Schoolgirl Micaela nervously eyes the cane that she is about to be punished withMicaela gets a severe paddling and caningSchoolgirl Micaela breaks out into tears after a hard corporal session with a cane and a wooden paddle
Video Duration 23:19
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Title“The Tattoo”
Part #Standalone clip; not part of larger film.
FeaturingMicaela & Michael
Mediumvideo (Windows Media format)
Length23 min:19 sec
StudioGirls Boarding School [?]
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Since this blond angel was committed to Girls Boarding School some weeks ago, she felt a lot of ease and relief. Life at Girls Boarding School does not seem to be THAT bad. Sure, some slaps here, some thrashings there, but in the end all pretty bearable and within reason.

This feeling of ease and relief was until a few days ago... until everything changed... on that one day when the Headmaster discovered her new tattoo! What happened on that day can hardly be put into words! One of the most severe bare bottom beatings ever taped!

A young Swedish beauty receiving the corporal punishment of her life, with the wooden paddle and the cane on her bared bottom, 20 minutes non-stop corporal punishment, no way out! Enjoy this firm young bottom turned into a dark blue mess, enjoy this beautiful young face crying a flood of tears! Not a movie for the faint-hearted!
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User comments

(NEWEST COMMENT) As this is a GBS production, we don't get to see the lovely Micaela's pussy. Shame.Otherwise, this film ticks all my boxes. An extended punishment of a blonde with plaits, culminating with 13 strokes of the cane. Her whimpering appears genuine.Only two small niggles: I would prefer to see her caned throughout rather than batted, and I wish we could see her face when she receives the strokes rather than afterwards. Apart from that, it's an extremely erotic performance. Thank you, Micaela. Please come back anytime.
i loved it real tears real bruses real reactions and a good sexy girl
A good session, it's good to see some tears.
jane doe:
I'm starting to get used to Michael. Tom is still my favorite.

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The Larger Context

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EROTIC ELEMENTS in this video
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Butt turning red
Clothing : Panties Lowered
Crying / Breaking into tears
Paddles - Wooden paddle
Positions : Bent Over
Schoolgirls in School Uniform
Submissive Attitude - Whiny / Crying
Welts from whipping/paddling/caning
Erotic attributes of the participants
Micaela :   (gallery)
Barely Legal Girls
Character : Schoolgirl
Hair length (4) : Long (below shoulders)
Hair style : braids (normal size)
Hair type : straight
Personality : Totally Amateur
Pubic hair : Bare
Skin tone : Medium dark / Tanned
Slender / Fit
Tattoos (B) : Small and limited
White Girls
Michael :
Character : Schoolmaster
Personality : Totally Amateur
White Girls
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