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WizardClips.com review by 'Porn Inspector', an independent review site

Review by "Porn Inspector"

“Their high standards have paid off”

"They're so confident in their product, they offer potential members the chance to scope out the site with two free tokens. And that's without you entering any credit card information. Not a bad deal, eh?"

"Gorgeous women being humiliated and tortured – and so far as the latter is concerned, we're talking both emotionally and physically. And don't get me started on the ropes and raunchy sex"

"Right off the bat, you get the feeling that Wizard Clips is a place where community matters"

"What pleased me most, however, was the surprisingly well written erotic fiction written by none other than my fellow members"

"This site's primary focus is videos and still photography, and more specifically, video and still photography that depicts young women sometimes groups of them being bound, gagged, and pushed to the limit"

"the slave/master relationship. And, boy, do they ever nail it"

"Content is broken up into 49 categories, which basically amount to a mixture of niches (barely legal, infantalism, water sports & enemas) with the rest being what I can only describe as methods of torture think nipple clamps, whippings (with a leather belt) and canings, as well as your good old fashioned paddling. You gotta love corporal punishment. What really surprised me, though, was the inclusion of a few unexpected, off-beat fetishes like food-play"

"Going to what they call their 'Expanded!' search engine, you'll find even more ways of narrowing down your search for the ultimate ball emptier. It has two drop-down menus: Erotic Element and Girls' Attributes. Between the two, you'll have just under 300 additional filters at your disposal, including a number of niches not listed on the main page. Sufficed to say, they've done an outstanding job of mixing it up, and I'm pleased to report that most of the main categories have at least 40 videos, and many well over 100. All of which, I might add, are well shot, appropriately brutal, and always stay true to their intended niche and/or theme(s)"

"If you, however, enjoy seeing women expertly tied, gagged, and destroyed before your very eyes, stay tuned"

"The clips themselves are well shot, and, as much as I hate to admit it, often feature very appropriate scores. In general I despise porno music, but whoever is in charge of production here has really done a great job at picking pieces (perhaps even composing?) pieces that fit the mood of the scene to a T. For instance, I just finished watching a recent one where a gorgeous Asian model nervously searches her apartment, and the creepy music did a great job in heightening the tension, and as a consequence, made it all the hotter when she met her nasty fate. And believe you me, no orifice is safe here. I've seen barely legal gals not even yet out of their school-girl uniforms having fruit, veggies, and over-sized dildos up their mouth, pussy, and anus ... simultaneously"

"Oh, and I think it's worth noting that downloads here are lightning fast, averaging in my case at least at a more than adequate 2.5 megs-per-second"

"Their model index is superb"

"Naïve beauties in over their heads in the murky underbelly of the BDSM world"

"Their high standards have paid off, as we've got a lovely selection of gals ranging from just-turned-18 girl-next-door types, to experienced and ready MILFs. Not to mention a few 'alternative' types just to spice things up. And best of all, each of these lovely ladies her own in-depth bio, which is almost always positively filthy"

"Not only did I eventually visit the site's forum, but I was quite impressed with it, too. There's over 2,000 posts, 741 topics, and 3,500 members, and it's not uncommon for as many as 50 to be on at one time. They've also done a great job adding plenty of sub-forums most of which are pretty damn active ranging from site technical help and suggestions to niche specific erotic chat. I browsed the boards quite a bit, and I was happy to find a fairly close knit community"

"Between the forum and the blog, I'd say they've given this site a personal touch that really makes it feel real. Which, in my opinion, equates for superior load inspiring potential"

"Wizard Clips does a great job at providing high quality videos not only to those into hardcore bondage, but off-beat fetishes as well. The inclusion of infantalism and food-play was of particular interest"

"Perhaps most impressive of all is their user forums, which are extremely active and constantly abuzz about the latest releases"

"I think it's worth a look. Particularly if you like your models young and your sex rough"

"They've quite the versatile, growing archive, and are off to a great start"

—BeerhatMcfly, at Porn Inspector

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