Part 1 of ‘Kinky Sex Therapy for Uptight Girl, with Schoolgirl as a Sex Toy’
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Title“Part 1 of ‘Kinky Sex Therapy for Uptight Girl, with Schoolgirl as a Sex Toy’”
Part #123456
of “Kinky Sex Therapy for Uptight Girl, with Schoolgirl as a Sex Toy”
FeaturingAriana & Andre Chance
Mediumvideo (Windows Media format)
Length21 min:30 sec
StudioA Wizard of Ass - SchoolgirlSexPunishment [?]
Price3.67 tokens – as little as US $3.67 [?]

Description (of Part 1):

Undressing. Finger-fucking pussy and ass. Vibrator. Rectal thermometer. Cheese stick in all 3 holes
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Tech details:
Size207 MB
Bitrate1266 kbps
Pixel dimension648 x 480
Item ID898
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(NEWEST COMMENT) I love the fact that she was shy and obviously wasn't too comfortable with this.. just the way I like it
A wonderful girl. Slim, shy, and sometimes she looks at the camera.A truly convincing performance.More girls like this, please.
lets see more of Ariana. Please. She is great
Excellent. Lovely close up pussie shots. More like this please
A Wizard Of Ass (webmaster):
I tried and tried to get her back, but without success so far :( She didn't do too well, as you can see in the film... Do you think that it's faked? It's quite real!
Yes, more of her please.
Ariana is great. More of her, please!

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The Larger Context

This clip is Part 1 of the feature film “Kinky Sex Therapy for Uptight Girl, with Schoolgirl as a Sex Toy” (n. 102), from our membership site Go to feature film on that site; opens in separate window or tab
Here is the description of the entire feature film:

Young Ariana, a very slim, lovely brunette, gathers up the courage to see a sex therapist. Oh boy, does she need it! She’s shy, inexperienced, repressed, uptight, fragile and generally neurotic about sex – especially anything that’s not “100% vanilla.”

Unbeknown to her, she’s in for a very kinky shock-therapy treatment, far beyond what she even knew existed!

The therapist warms her up by making her do a strip-tease. Then he keep her lying naked on the analyst’s couch, with a blindfold on, while he introduces her to many sensations: caresses, masturbation, 4 fingers in her pussy, a vibrator, and 2 fingers up her ass.

Ariana's introduction to kinky play kicks off with a thermometer that probes all her 3 holes... Followed by a cheese stick that does the same!

Next, she gets doused in oil. Nicely lubed up, she gets a speculum slipped up her pussy! Then the therapist introduces her to the over-the-knee position: he masturbates her, finger fucks her pussy and ass, and lightly spanks her. Before she starts crying, he sends her off to take a shower.

To poor Ariana this is all extremely kinky – but she doesn’t realize that it’s just the very beginning... When she returns from the shower, she’s stunned to find a schoolgirl, standing with her wrists tied up to the ceiling!

The schoolgirl is Raven, a nymphet from the Reform School where the therapist serves as headmaster. He decided to use Raven’s punishment as a learning experience for Ariana – and gives Raven to Ariana as a “sex toy.”

Ariana, who’s never been with a girl and is scared/repelled by the concept (not to mention terrorized by bondage and BDSM), doesn't have the foggiest idea of what to do... The therapist introduces her to how to spank, paddle, whip, belt, cane and masturbate a girl, how to periodically probe her pussy to see how wet she’s getting, how to apply nipple clamps, how to use ice cubes, etc.

Pain-slut Raven laughs through everything, as usual; it’s the scared-bunny giver, not the receiver, who’s intensely shaken by it all!

After Raven and the sex therapist finger-fuck Ariana’s pussy and ass, it’s time for the girls to jump onto two large fucking machines! Predictably, timid Ariana is terrified while mega-slut Raven has a grand time. When she needs to pee, Raven has no problem peeing in bucket. She enjoys the double dildo (pussy+ass) on the machine, while Ariana seems to suffer with her single dildo.

The therapist finally pulls out his cock and makes both girls suck it! Raven sucks it well, while Ariana is so inept and squeamish that the therapist puts on open mouth gag on her and fucks her mouth through it, while Raven holds her head.

It’s now time for the girls to become “enema sisters”! The therapist hogties them together – a first for Ariana – and puts mouth gags on both. Then it’s a simultaneous double enema, with two bags, large nozzles and flow indicators. As you can guess, Raven soaks up a full bag without complaints, while Ariana is horrified all along: it’s the first enema in her whole life and (like most things) she doesn’t take it well!

Then both girls, having no choice because they’re still hogtied, expel their enemas into buckets.

Afterwards, they get freed and sent off to take a shower together. Mid-shower, they take turns dashing out to the nearby toilet – and you can hear the rest of their enema water finally coming out!

When they’re both back in the shower, Raven makes Ariana eat her pussy, and also eats Ariana’s pussy.

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Hair color : Black
Personality : Totally Amateur
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