Part 3 of ‘Schoolgirl Reform School: Natalia Gets Sent Back’
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Natalia on the fucking machine and (inset) expelling her enema
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Title“Part 3 of ‘Schoolgirl Reform School: Natalia Gets Sent Back’”
Part #1234
of “Schoolgirl Reform School: Natalia Gets Sent Back”
FeaturingNatalia & Andre Chance
Mediumvideo (Windows Media format)
Length19 min:30 sec
StudioA Wizard of Ass - SchoolgirlSexPunishment [?]
Price3.51 tokens – as little as US $3.51 [?]

Description (of Part 3):

Full-bag enema in bondage, with double-balloon inflatable nozzle, flow indicator and red bag. Enema expulsion into bucket (in full view) and on toilet.
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Tech details:
Size187 MB
Bitrate1261 kbps
Pixel dimension648 x 480
Item ID897
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(NEWEST COMMENT) I love the way her pussy is worked on while she is still wearing her tiny skirt, tie, and glasses. She must have been very naughty to deserve her fate.Full nakedness is far less erotic in these scenarios.
This is the only site I have found that I feel is 100% SAFE! I use the TOR Network and all kinds of secure erase features, etc... I am certified in my work, and so I can "see" their attempts at subterfuge. This site hasn't attempted a SINGLE snare or trick on me. I appreciate it tremendously. And even more-so that the featured content is my very favorite taste in entertainment. If all men were honest, they'd admit they secretly love dominating a young, fine female at will! Keep up the great work guys! My hat is off to you!
Wow! Such a cutie and by far and wide the best movie on the site! It really adds something when the headmaster abuses the girl with full humiliating sex! More of the same please!! :-)
Wizard: This is one of your best. Great work.
A Wizard Of Ass (webmaster):
Sorry for the delay! The editing was finally completed, and today we posted Part 2. The rest will follow very soon :)
A Wizard Of Ass (webmaster):
Thanks! We're still editing the rest of this film... It will be presented on this site in the near future
good film- where is the rest?

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The Larger Context

This clip is Part 3 of the feature film “Schoolgirl Reform School: Natalia Gets Sent Back” (n. 121), from our membership site Go to feature film on that site; opens in separate window or tab
Here is the description of the entire feature film:

Even more brutal and humiliating treatment for Natalia, after she gets sent back to the Reform School.

The Schoolmaster ties her up and spanks, canes and paddles her – hard and at length. Afterwards, he slips a butt plug up her ass, and for added humiliation he violates her pussy by masturbating her with a wand vibrator.

Natalia remains tied up, and gets fucked in every hole.

Next, Natalia – still tied up – gets an enema with a double-balloon inflatable nozzle! A flow indicator will help you visualize every drop of water forcing its way up Natalia’s colon, from the full-bag enema... While holding the enema water, Natalia gets whipped with a belt. When she’s finally allowed to expel the water, she has to do it in full view of the Schoolmaster, into a bucket, and then finish up on the toilet, again in full view.

Not content with all that, the Schoolmaster places Natalia on a fucking machine that violates both her pussy and ass while she is tied up and gagged. Meanwhile, Natalia also gets whipped. With so much stimulation, the slutty schoolgirl ends up squirting all over the floor, which of course only increases her embarrassment...

EROTIC ELEMENTS in this video
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Enema Expulsion - Into Buckets
Enema Expulsion - On Toilet
Enema Expulsion in Full View
Enema Flow Indicator
Enema Nozzles - Inflatable double balloon
Punishment Enemas
Red enema bag
Erotic attributes of the participants
Natalia :   (gallery)
Barely Legal Girls
Character : Schoolgirl
White Girls
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