Part 5 of ‘Caning & Beer Enemas’
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Kitty expels her enema through an anoscope (anal speculum), into a bucket. Her butt is still red from the mid-enema spanking. Her back still has wax from earlier
Title“Part 5 of ‘Caning & Beer Enemas’”
Part #12345
of “Caning & Beer Enemas”
FeaturingKitty, aka Madison & Andre Chance
Mediumvideo (Windows Media format)
Length10 min:20 sec
StudioA Wizard of Ass - EnemaWizardVideo [?]
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Description (of Part 5):

Full-bag enema for Kitty, still naked and enticingly offering her butt in her kneeling-on-all-4 position. A large plastic nozzle is used. Thanks to the flow meter on the enema line, you can see all the water filling her up, and feel her belly get fully: in fact, she soaks up the bag to the last drop.

As if that weren't enough, Kitty gets spanked mid-enema, until her butt turns a nice shade of red. Her Master feels up her inflating belly at the end of the enema.

At last, relief from the enema cramps by means of expulsion into a bucket, through an anoscope (plastic anal speculum.) Quite a jet of water bursting out! Afterwards, to make sure that no more enema expulsion is imminent, her Master spreads out Kitty’s tight entrance with two fingers.

By now, Kitty is not the same defiant, I-can-take-it-all, girl as she was earlier; the intensity of the enema clearly reduced her arrogance!

To round up the enema, a little more spanking...
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(NEWEST COMMENT) awesome idea to give her enema straight from the bottle, fill her up!
there's something very delectable about PAIN SLUTS like this girl
she can surely take some great caning. nice!

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The Larger Context

This clip is Part 5 of the feature film “Caning & Beer Enemas” (n. 025), from our membership site Go to feature film on that site; opens in separate window or tab
Here is the description of the entire feature film:

Kitty is a young redhead with a very wild streak. After having been subjected to punishment a number of times in the past, she has come to the conclusion that she likes punishment – she says it makes her “feel alive”...

A male Master helps her explore her pain-slut side with a rough treatment that includes a brutal caning, beer enemas directly from the bottle, a large bag enema, expulsion into a bucket, clothespins, spanking, paddling, hot wax, lit candles up her pussy & ass, and pussy “drilling” with a drilldo (a sex machine.)

(WARNING: alcohol enemas can be dangerous or fatal. Please see Enema Information & Safety)

EROTIC ELEMENTS in this video
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Clothing : Completely naked
Enema Expulsion - Into Buckets
Enema Expulsion - Thru Speculum
Enema Expulsion in Full View
Enema Flow Indicator
Enema Nozzles - Large Plastic Nozzle
Finger-fucking ass
Pleasure Enemas
Positions : On all 4
Red enema bag
Spanking : bare-hand
Submissive Attitude - Obedient / Meek
Erotic attributes of the participants
Kitty, aka Madison :   (gallery)
Character : Submissive
College co-ed Age
Hair length (3) : Shoulder-Length
Hair type : wavy
Personality : Largely Amateur
Skin tone : Fair
Slender / Fit
Tattoos (B) : Small and limited
White Girls
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