Part 4 of ‘Hogtie Enemas and Paddling for Slave Girl and Dominant Trainee’
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Alyssa (aka Elena), on the left, and Ivy, are tied up together and all oiled-up, about to receive simultaneous enemas
Title“Part 4 of ‘Hogtie Enemas and Paddling for Slave Girl and Dominant Trainee’”
Part #12345
of “Hogtie Enemas and Paddling for Slave Girl and Dominant Trainee”
FeaturingAlyssa aka Elena, Ivy & Andre Chance
Mediumvideo (Windows Media format)
Length12 min:52 sec
StudioA Wizard of Ass - EnemaWizardVideo [?]
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Description (of Part 4):

Their Master puts both girls in hogtie bondage on a bench, seated side-by-side. Then he covers them in oil, and whips their asses with a belt until the red belt marks show quite visibly.

The girls have the hots for each other, and they exchange wet kisses; in spite of their bondage, Ivy manages to twist around to masturbate Alyssa, and Alyssa manages to twist her tied-up upper body enough to lick Ivy’s nipple.
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Item ID1208
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(NEWEST COMMENT) What he does to Alyssa in this video is unreal!...Pulling out the bloody tampon and then inserting the both her hot honey box and her rectum....very nasty stuff from a really saidstic dominant....Alyssa looks perfect in this video lots of slutty mascara and makeup and that super short skirt hiked almost up her cunt!
that's perhaps the best enema that alyssa took in any film! i love the tight bondage and the nearly upside down
the strap-on scene is HOT! she's pounding her like there's no tomorrow!!
liquid gold:
these girls have excellent chemistry together....
Alyssa is so beautiful and flirtatious

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The Larger Context

This clip is Part 4 of the feature film “Hogtie Enemas and Paddling for Slave Girl and Dominant Trainee” (n. 079), from our membership site Go to feature film on that site; opens in separate window or tab
Here is the description of the entire feature film:

Lovely slave-girl Elena (aka Alyssa) continues her submissive training with an intense paddling and enema session in hogtie bondage, almost upside down. Her Master marks her yummy butt with a paddle that leaves a “SLUT” impression! He also whips her, paddles her pussy, takes off her tampon, and slips a suppository up her ass. He uses a hair brush to paddle her, and then shoves the handle up her pussy and her ass!

Finally, he gives her a full-bag enema, still in the same awkward position (hogtied nearly upside down) and makes her expel it into a bucket. Her belly is still visibly distended when she gets up – and she finishes up her expulsion on the toilet.

Next in stock for Elena is a session with Ivy, a lovely Asian who was a shy schoolgirl until recently, and is now blossoming as a dominant girl in training. Ivy gives Elena a good whipping and a paddling with a ping-pong paddle. Next, she swings her across her lap, and spanks her, masturbates her, and uses a riding crop and whip on her. Then, Ivy dons a strap-on dildo and fucks Elena in her pussy and her ass!

Afterwards, their Master puts both girls in hogtie bondage on a bench, covers them in oil, disciplines them with a belt, makes them suck his cock, and finally gives them a double enema; it’s hypnotic to watch the two flow indicators on their enema lines spin! Elena and Ivy later expel their enemas into buckets – still in bondage.

EROTIC ELEMENTS in this video
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Ankle shackles or cuffs
Arm restraints (lower arms)
Belt Whipping
Butt turning red
Clothing : Completely naked
Masturbate others
Oiled up all over
Positions : Sitting
Sucking/biting/licking breasts or nipples
Erotic attributes of the participants
Alyssa aka Elena :   (gallery)
Average height
Breast Size (1) : Small
Character : Submissive
College co-ed Age
Hair color : Dirty Blonde
Personality : Totally Amateur
Slender / Fit
Tattoos (A) : None
White Girls
Ivy :   (gallery)
Breast Size (2) : Medium
Character : Submissive
College co-ed Age
Hair color : Black
Hair type : straight
Personality : Totally Amateur
Slender / Fit
Tattoos (A) : None
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