Part 3 of ‘Hogtie Enemas, Caning and Hot Wax at Reform School’
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Title“Part 3 of ‘Hogtie Enemas, Caning and Hot Wax at Reform School’”
Part #12345
of “Hogtie Enemas, Caning and Hot Wax at Reform School”
FeaturingJanelle & Andre Chance
Mediumvideo (Windows Media format)
Length13 min:0 sec
StudioA Wizard of Ass - SchoolgirlSexPunishment [?]
Price2.99 tokens – as little as US $2.99 [?]

Description (of Part 3):

While handcuffed, Janelle has to endure: paddling, cheese stick up her ass, blow job, pussy fuck, rimming Headmaster's ass, cum in mouth.
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Tech details:
Size130 MB
Bitrate1315 kbps
Pixel dimension648 x 480
Item ID1040
User comments
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(NEWEST COMMENT) i really love the way her pussy got paddled, hard and directly on it!
The sound of the spanking, paddling, whipping, etc. pierce your ears, so loud and sharp you almost want to jump or flinch as she is being punished. I can feel the pain and heat when I see her flesh turn bright red. The sweet, calm look on her face and the innocent, but mischievous behavior all just add up to the sexual appeal of this lovely sex kitten...
GIANT anus close-ups are required for anus and rectum fetish. Shown full screen but by different ways : when girl arrives, when it starts to open after fingers insertion, when it's full open with really deep views.

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The Larger Context

This clip is Part 3 of the feature film “Hogtie Enemas, Caning and Hot Wax at Reform School” (n. 083), from our membership site Go to feature film on that site; opens in separate window or tab
Here is the description of the entire feature film:

Schoolgirl Janelle looks like a good girl in her uniform. But she has a long discipline file, and she has to endure the harsh corporal methods of a Reform School.

The school Master delivers hard paddling (including on her pussy), spanking and caning, OTK milk enemas with a turkey baster (expelled on the toilet), more enemas in hogtie bondage, cheese and butter sticks up her ass, ice cubes, breast pumps, metal gags and yet more enemas (with large nozzles, red bag and flow indicators), and more...

Plus the humiliation of expelling the enemas and peeing in full view, awkwardly while in hogtie bondage, and on the toilet!

Plus the extra humiliation of getting her pussy fucked, and having to suck cock, lick ass and eat cum!

While washing off in the shower, Janelle hopes that’s the end of her intense punishment at the Reform School. But, no, she gets yanked out of the shower – naked and dripping wet – by the Schoolmaster, who starts pouring hot wax all over her!

When she dares to resist, he puts her in handcuffs and, shoving the lit candle in her mouth, he applies clothespins to her breasts and nipples. Then he whips her with a riding crop – on her pussy, too! – and with a cane. The Master then takes the lit candle out of her mouth and shoves it up her pussy and then up her ass, finally extinguishing it on her butt cheek. By now, Janelle is beginning to sound extremely convincing in her promises to mend her bad schoolgirl ways!

EROTIC ELEMENTS in this video
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Bizarre Ass Penetrations - Food
Blow Jobs
Cum in mouth
Pussy Fucking
Rimming (anulingus)
Erotic attributes of the participants
Andre Chance :
Character : Schoolmaster
Janelle :   (gallery)
Barely Legal Girls
Character : Schoolgirl
Hair color : Light Brown
Hair length (4) : Long (below shoulders)
Hair style : braids (normal size)
Personality : Totally Amateur
White Girls
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